The plane is severely delayed.

Some people are angry and screaming at the gate agents, some are demanding compensation. Me? I just want to go home. It feels I‘ve been traveling for the past six months, the word exhausting can’t even begin to describe how I feel, mostly because I’m so numb due to experiencing ETS (excessive traveling syndrome).

But it’s always better to write, it distracts me from reality, the reality that chances are I will have to spend the night here or at least a few more hours. It’s already past 9pm and home is five and half hours away. That’s just flying time by the way.

A little humor goes a long way




Anyway, I’m looking around. I usually love airports -no right now but I usually do- and all I can think of is the airport in Tel-Aviv.

I’m not sure how old is this airport or who design it but that has to be the most beautiful airport I’ve ever seen. It’s majestic and it seems to be made out of glass. The main staircase and the monumental columns that connect first to second floor are just that, magnificent.

On the inside, the white ceiling shows its curves giving a feeling of being in a palace. It’s glorious and grant, just as a palace is.

Then you have the people, one word comes to mind when I think of the Tel-Aviv airport -diversity.

There is a healthy mix of people from different backgrounds which makes it one of the best places for people watching. I love people watching, it’s such a relaxing activity and airports are perfect for this.

Here in Raleigh it’s ok but LA is much better. More to see and wonder. Just right now I saw a woman going by with a cranky baby. Yea, I get it, I’m tired too. The woman looked stressed as well. Poor pair. I can’t imagine dealing with a baby right at this moment.

So, the flight is delayed by a couple of hours. Since I’m stuck here, as soon as I hit publish button, I’ll close the laptop and hide under my hoodie. Take a little nap while waiting for forever.



I’m at the airport in Raleigh, flight doesn’t leave until a few hours which is good because for the first time since I started this blog I’m not blogging at midnight.

I slept well last night, in fact, I fell asleep with the laptop open and the light of the screen lighting my face, awww I think it made me look like an angel, lol.

Anyway, going back home and staying home for a while, I’m already planning what I need to do. First, I’m going to hit In-N-Out Burger, I’m a girl with priorities. Sadnly they’re only in the West but boy, aren’t they the best burgers ever.

Then I want to hang out near Venice, nothing fancy and changes are I’ll probably go by myself, but I need that me time so bad and just to be near the ocean is going to be so nice.  

I’m thinking I should even leave my phone at home, so I’m not glue to Facebook and such. I don’t need to see pictures of the wedding or of Peter’s party. I hate pictures so I’m never in them, smart I know.

I got hungry and airport food is horrible so I’ll stick to a sandwich and some water. I’m really thoughtful today. In all seriousness, planning my life ahead is daunting. First I’m staying at my friends, that’s fine and all but at some point I will have to move out right?

And because I’ve always believe in freedom from the system I don’t have a steady career of anything like that.

Which means I can’t really afford living in LA all by myself, rent is $1500, and that’s on the low end unless I want to live in the Ghetto which I don’t thank you very much.

So with that in mind my choices are limited. My last savings are gone thanks for Israel and now Durham. I can’t imagine having a regular job, the grind, the commute every day, the boss and gossip. I think I prefer to die before having to be subjected to such abuses.

And yes having a job is for people who still believe in slavery.

I could also start my own business in LA, but the costs have the potential to kill me. My friends in LA are so different from Peter’s friends. The people I met yesterday here want something substantial, they want stability. On the other hand my friends in LA want to be in performing arts. Everybody is an actor or a singer or simply the next best thing. I kid you not.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, ’nuff said!




This is the reality for most of my friends in Los Angeles, it’s nice to dream big what’s not nice is to have to do dishes for ten years while you’re still working on your dream.

As much as I love my friends I can’t help and think that somehow my inner circle is not helping me much to move on with my life. Interesting to see how people can be so different and have different goals all this while living in the same country.

The flight is delayed, they just announced it. I’m eager to get home but I’m also enjoying pondering about my dilemmas so the delay doesn’t bother me too much. I see people angry and anxious and I wonder if it’s even worthy to get in a bad mood, after all, if the plane is delay there’s no amount of moodiness that can change that.

We are not really that powerful.

Back to my life, yea I think my LA friends are not lifting me up or at least they’re not aligned with my semi-goals are. I’m saying semi-goals because I like to stay flexible, life is so why wouldn’t I?

Anyway, I’m going to close this laptop and just walk around the gate a little, need to stretch my legs and get some blood flowing.

I will probably see you in a few hours if the plane is severely delayed.

Until then!


That party was amazing, the perfect size for me, not huge and intimate enough to get to know his new friends, a group of about eight people including me and his mom.

I hang out and spent most of the time learning about his friends. These are business people! I’m not really surprised because Peter has been involved in the family business for quite a few years now so naturally his circle of friends would have similar interests.

It was also motivating to know that people are making it on their own and finding freedom from their regular jobs. Peter says his offer stands still, I think he really wants me here in Durham. I tell him I still need to have a pillow talk, and mostly I just want to go home to LA.

I still have not recovered completely from that wedding, I’m jet-lagged and I feel I’m still digesting all that food.

The weather outside the porch is nice, cool 60 degrees here in the city and no humidity, that’s one of my concerns, the humidity in the East Coast can be brutal, I know because I lived in Florida for a few years. It really drags you down. But we continue to chat between beers.

The party’s almost over and I have not eaten much, I just don’t feel like it. I’m also flying back to LA tomorrow. Once I get there I’m going to retrieve to my room for a few days to recover from all this going to places. I love traveling but this is a bit too much, even for me. I need some much deserve alone time.

There still Danya (one of Peter’s friends) and Anna still hanging out and enjoying themselves, it’s past 10 now and I’m ready for bed. I’m making an effort to stay up but I really can’t anymore.

Throughout the day I told everybody how I basically just got here from my trip to Israel, so they understand my need to lay down and so I say my goodbyes and off I march to my temporary room.

I’m in bed now and open my laptop. Writing IS soothing to me so I decide to blog about my day. As I’m typing this I realize a pattern of me going to bed exhausted in the past few weeks and sleeping like a rock.

I start thinking what am I doing with my life. Most people I met today are about my age and are small business owners, they think family and home ownership. Me? Still undecided. Half of my wants to settle down (I know right!) It’s scary to even think about this but this is how I feel right now.

The other half however tells me to go on and live freely, without worries or responsibility. But what if I could settle down AND still be free? Is that possible? And how would I go to achieve that?

I’m 29 so I’m still young right? But I can’t help but think that 5 years can go by quickly and I will still have nothing.

I’m probably overthinking this stuff as usual. Tomorrow I have a flight to catch that would take me home and that will also give me plenty of time to ponder even more about my dilemmas. I just want to get home.

Time to stop thinking and try to get some much needed sleep.


Goodnight owls.

Hey y’all, I’m in the South! I’m writing this from Durham in the midst of hurricane Matthew. Good thing Peter’s place is about four hours from the coast but man have I seen devastation here.

I can’t help but think of the people in Florida and Haiti, just horrible. I once went through a category 3 hurricane while I was living in me just say this: Never. Again. And Matthew was a 4, no thank you.

I was just talking to my friends back in LA about here and the destructive powers of nature. That’s why if I see something bad heading my way, I pay my respects and move out of the way immediately. I ain’t playing with that, nosir.

Anyway, back to Peter. It’s nice to see him and his family. His mom was always nice even when she was going through divorce. I think she decided to move out here to forget about the bad stuff that happened in LA, good for her but bad for my friendship with Peter, he moved out here shortly after she did, mostly to keep her company and help her out a bit.

People usually ask me, are you guys dating? So, before you email me with such question let me tell you, no, we are not dating and we never have, at this point, he’s like a brother to me. We are very close but it’s all brotherly love.

I find Peter to be a completely different person, like I said, I hadn’t seen him in a long time. Now he wants to get married and buy a house, sacrilege!

The guy says he wants to settle, but he wants to do it right, he knows marriage and houses and all that stuff equals money. Nobody can argue with me that those things come in cheap, no way. He knows this, so he started a small towing business in the area.

His mom has a bakery but he says he’s tired of baking and he wants to have his own stuff. I think it’s good because as a woman I probably wouldn’t date someone who lives off of his mom’s business and I know a lot of girls out there who feel the same way.

Nobody likes a momma’s boy and he knows that, so finally at 30 he’s trying some independence, good for him!

He offered me some kind of business partnership today with his towing business, I wasn’t expecting that at all so I’m still thinking about it. If I accept, I will have to move to NC, but again, I’m only living in LA temporary until I find something new, and if I move here that means I could spend more time with my friend and I’ve never lived here so that gives me something new to explore. I’m 50/50 on this one. It will have to wait until I get back home and have a serious conversation with my pillow.

I’m off to bed now, hey have you noticed how I always write right before going to bed? Interesting, I think I find writing soothing. Anyway, tomorrow is Peter’s birthday party, he said he invited a small bunch so I don’t expect it to be draining with lots of people, I’m still recovering from that wedding. We’ll see how it goes.

Nite eyeballs and stay out of the way of hurricanes.

That wedding took two days. A day of celebration and a day to recover from all the celebration. I think I gained a few pounds just from the wedding alone, I ate things I can’t pronounce and a lot of them. I had fun although I made a few cultural mistakes, like sitting where the men were sitting, I was just trying to sit so I could eat but didn’t notice anything weird until all eyes were on me, lol.


I’m back home in Los Angeles now but not for long. I leave for the East Coast in mere three days, my best friend lives in Durham, he’s turning 30 and throwing a big party for everyone who feels sorry for his old age, haha. I haven’t seen him in a while and plane tickets were on sale. I know, excuses.

I have to admit it feels so good to be back home, by home I mean the US, I love traveling but boy I wouldn’t trade some home comforts, like familiar food and languages and old friends, yes. I want to hang out with Peter and the whole Irish clan. Irish people rock, they really know how to have fun, just like Italians do.

Anyway, back to LA. LA is in interesting place, people either love it or hate it. I don’t care what people say about Cali. Yes, traffic is tough big time but the city has so much to offer, diversity for one which is how I thrive.

Besides I love having unassuming entrepreneurial friends (like Peter, he’s actually from LA but moved to Durham a few years ago to help in the family business).

This is probably the best treat I get from living in crowded LA, the people here, where else do you get to bounce off ideas while enjoying the beach at the same time? I’m all for having my own business by the way, that’s the only way I can live, freedom!

I’m just gonna take is easy for the next two days to recover from my big trip so tonight I’m just meeting some friends at a local restaurant –Tara’s Himalayan Cuisine– it’s such a cute hole in the wall but the food is delicious, Tibetan style, love it!

I think that’s it for today.

Goodnight little eyeballs, sleep tight.

I finally meet with Gabe, at the corner of what looks like an old tea house. I know Gabe from my days in Florida. Good guy, always wanted to get married and have a family. He dated briefly in the States but when it came time to get serious he started dating Jewish. So he’s here, just for the wedding, after all this is done, he’ll be back in Florida and start a life together with his new bride.

His family owns a lot of businesses here, they have a pharmacy and a grocery store and probably much more. Anyway, it’s nice to see him. He brought his dad with him, we talk briefly and off we go. I’m terrified of making a cultural mistake and so I barely talk or share anything. Streets are hilly here so it’s a challenge to walk around town.

At some point we get to his house and meet all of his family. He introduces me as the friend from the US, I guess it stuck because for the next two days I became “the friend from the US”. That’s fine with me.

Most of them speak only Hebrew and some English. One of the girls ask me if I want to go to the beauty salon to have my hair done and I say yes. We walk there. I love walking to places and we walk everywhere here. There are cars but this location seems to have everything nearby. The beauty place is full of ladies who are going to the wedding too so there’s a long wait, good thing I decided to come here early/ It’s 5pm and finally my turn.

I have two girls working on my hair and makeup. I have no idea what they’re doing as they speak no English but I surrender and let them have fun. The results? Different. I like the look, they made my eyes look like Melania Trump’s, they look a little squinty, it’s all makeup baby and it looks cool!

We walk back to the house. Gosh, I am so full. I’ve been eating all day, I ate when I got to his place, his mom fed me something delish that I can’t pronounce. Then I ate while waiting for my turn at the beauty place. Now back home there’s more food too, it all looks good but I can barely move.

I go to my room and start getting dressed. Nothing really fancy but modest for sure, not how most people would dress for a wedding in the US. I can’t get over how different I look with the eye makeup. Love it.

Time to go to the place where the ceremony will take place. The bride is in her house getting ready too, I haven’t met her yet. I go downstairs to meet the clan there, this IS a large family.

There’s a caravan of cars waiting outside the gates to take us to the ceremony and at this point I’m just following directions, I’m really good at that sometimes. One of the relatives signals me to enter one of the cars, so I do and several other relatives do after me.


Time to go now.

Will write some more later.

I open my eyes and what do I see? I see a yellow wall covered with old wallpaper. The yellow is fading at the top and the wallpaper suffers from curled up corners, it’s like the paper trying to escape and era that doesn’t exist anymore.

I haven’t seen wallpaper in a very long time and certainly not like this one, so jewish, so 60s or maybe 40s. I keep forgetting where I am. Where am I again? That’s right, Jerusalem! I remember this and bolt out of bed.

I’m looking out the window, and I start a session of people watching. Women dressed in unicolor long skirts, usually of dark color. Most of them or maybe all of them wear a headscarf. Women go back and forth, busy, I guess they’re going somewhere.

Men are also going somewhere. Their wardrobe is a mix between traditional and more modern but undoubtedly all locals have sideburns, they’re long and curly and I wonder what that means but I’m too engage in the current picture to google anything.

There’s a lot of pedestrians, maybe because I’m used to the States where we depend on cars so much but these people are either walking or taking public transportation. It feels a little bit like New York.

I come back into my senses and look at the clock, I’ve slept fifteen hours. I think last time I slept that long I was still in my teens.

Anyway, time to shower and meet with my friend. The wedding is in two days and I can’t wait to meet his family here and see the whole celebration. This will be my very first Jewish wedding.

I step outside and I notice I stand out! Nobody is wearing jeans and a t-shirt, ugh! I hate looking like a tourist.

I still have a few hours before meeting with Gabe (my friend) so I decide to go shopping.

Everybody speaks English here but I don’t know this yet (later that day I met a man who spoke seven languages, most people are multilingual).

I’m armed with a picture on my phone of a girl wearing what the locals are wearing (long skirt, headscarf) and point at a it to signal looking for clothing.

The locals tell me in English there pointing at a building across the street. So I go “there” only to discover that it’s a flea market. I love flea markets and so I spend the next few hours buying stuff that would make me look less touristy and more local.

I think I succeeded because on my way to meet Gabe, a local woman came up to me and asked me something in Hebrew! I replied in English but I think she wanted to know where I bought my skirt because she kept pointing at it. That was such a compliment, she thought I was a local.

Gabe is an old friend from when I lived in Florida. I moved out of FL long ago but we kept in touch thanks to Facebook. I feel all of my friends are getting married or want to get married and have kids and all that but I’m not feeling the family bug.

I’m happily single. I think about how I wouldn’t be able to do this (my travels) if I had kids and a husband, school, Dr.’s appointments, etc etc. I would be chained to a place, I’ll probably stale.

That is not to say that I don’t think about it. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a family but most of the time I think it won’t fit my lifestyle. Anyway, enough about me, I’m meeting with Gabe in an hour.

The wedding is tomorrow.

Jerusalem Next Day Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem (Next Day) Dome of the Rock

So like I said here, I like to travel, I really don’t get the point of staying in one place when the world is such a colorful melting pot.

So I did, this time I ended up in the Middle East, I am not always this spontaneous but a friend of mine was getting married and so yea, I used that as an excuse. I’m shameless like that.

After a long flight from La Guardia to Belgium -that had me stuffing my face with the most unfathomable chocolate Belgian waffles- and from there to Tel Aviv I finally land in Israel.

It took forever BUT I’m finally here and I still cannot believe it.

I land in Tel Aviv and the first thing I notice is how I have become completely illiterate, funny feeling when I look at the airport signs and I don’t know what they say, maybe they say “No speaking English” or “Reading this sign is illegal” but how would I know? I can’t read! I can’t speak either, I mean, I know no Hebrew.

I notice my heart is pumping fast, I thrive in situations like this where I wonder how the heck am I going to find a hotel, which by the way I have no reservations for either.

I look at the clock, the shorter hand points at 12, yes, it’s midnight.

I go through the large sliding glass door that separates the fancy airport lights with the darkness of the streets.

I’m looking in all directions when suddenly, I hear a man yelling, Jerusalem, Jerusalem! Did I hear correctly?

For a second I felt home, just like you hear men yelling outside LAX to get the last batch of passengers in the shuttle.

The man repeats, Jerusalem, Jerusalem leaving in 5!, jeez, I better hurry up.

Sir, I said without thinking about language barriers or anything, how long to Jerusalem?

Twenty minutes, he said.

I hop on the little bus without really having a final destination, I don’t even know of a hotel nearby, but I have a plan. I plan to get off at the first sight of a place to stay or where the other passengers get off, whichever happens first.

To my surprise, the shuttle was packed. Good to know I’m not the only one, I’m the last passenger to get on and off we go, to Jerusalem.

The little shuttle goes on, hugging the curves of the dormant city. The road is bumpy and I can’t help but think of how surreal this whole thing is, for a moment I think I’m dreaming but then I remember the long trip, the Belgian waffles, and here I am, heading to a town that I grew up reading about on the Bible almost every Sunday -Jerusalem.

But soon, all my amusement started to vanish as passengers start arriving at their destination, the first stop, mmm, that place looks too expensive –I think to myself. You know a hotel is on the high end when you see bellboys carrying your luggage, so I decided to wait until the next stop.

But the next stop is the same, and all stops after that. I end up sitting alone in an empty shuttle going around Jerusalem in the middle of the night.

It’s just me and the driver.

At some point the driver finally asks, excuse me, where are you going?

I don’t know, I say, I don’t have a reservation.

What? He says.

I ask him if he knows of someone who has a hotel that is not too expensive, he agrees to take me there.

We get there, it’s an old building made of stone, kind of grayish, the street looks like an alley, everything is so quiet, everybody is asleep. I pay the driver, thank him for his help and open the wooden door, I go upstairs to where the front desk is located. I tell front desk guy that the driver sent me here and pay for the room.

I’m beyond exhausted. I don’t even remember crashing into bed but obviously I did.

Goodnight readers.